Mix it up!!!

Here are a few ideas for mixing up your Rum Punch. I hope you enjoy them and invite you to add your own creations too. I can’t wait to try out your ideas!!

Add a shot of Malibu to our Pineapple Punch. Be sure to serve it over loads of ice! Totally Tropical!!

The next time you pop a bottle of Prosecco, add some of our Strawberry Punch it goes sooo well. Delicious!!

Here’s an interesting one, you will not believe how great our Grape Punch tastes with a shot of Tequila thrown into the mix.

Our Bubblegum Punch is so delicious all it needs is a TALL glass and LOADS of ice!!

Now it’s your turn!



  1. Hi Sheila, I topped your Strawberry flavour with Tonic Water and a squeeze of lime juice, over ice. stirred not shaken. Very refreshing.

  2. Grape is my favourite although all flavours are amazing. Tend to Mix Grape with sparkling Morello Cherry. WICKED………

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